Four Factors That Influence The Frequency Of Carpet Cleaning

We know that carpet cleaning is the toughest part of your home maintenance. When you’re confused about how often you should clean the carpets, you must think of some factors that may affect the cleaning timeframe. Here are four factors that influence the frequency of carpet cleaning for your home.

Having Kids

Kids are lovable, but they are naughty too. They like running here and there, which can create a mess. While eating, they may drop the food, causing stubborn spots. Walking in muddy shoes is one of the common habits of kids. If you have kids, you may need regular cleaning instead of a monthly routine.

Carpet Color

The color of the carpet can make a difference. Light-colored carpets are the choice of homeowners, but they require frequent cleaning as well. White carpets need regular vacuuming due to their color. In addition, shampooing your carpet every six months is of great importance.


Your pets are naughtier than kids and more dangerous for your carpet. Muddy paws form huge stains reducing the beautiful appearance of your carpet. In this, you must focus on daily vacuuming to prevent damage to your expensive carpets, ultimately damaging your health due to dirt and grime.

Poor Habits

If you have poor habits like coming in with muddy shoes, or smoking cigarettes inside the home, they decrease the frequency of carpet cleaning. Fumes and nicotine settle on the fibres, so you need regular cleaning.

We understand your situation, that you have several problems in cleaning out dirt from your carpet. So, leave the tough grind on our professionals. Call Steam Clean Guyz at (817) 773-7666 now and get your carpets cleaned.

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